Thursday, July 14, 2016

Spring & Summer 2016

Hello folks. Hope this finds you all doing well. It is way past due again for a blog update and I am home today due to it being a rain day so now is my best chance. I have been flying quite a bit in the Cirrus this summer until about a month ago when the plane went in for it's annual. Once a month I was going to Atlanta and twice a month I was going to Detroit so that made for some good hour building flights. I also went to Winnipeg MB which was a highlight since I have never been that far west in Canada before. I stopped in Dryden to stay the night with friends there and then continued on to St Andrews airport in Winnipeg to pick 3 people up. A few days later I took them back out there so that was a healthy boost to the logbook. Another thing I recently did was get my float endorsement which I will talk about in a seperate post. Enjoy the pictures below.

City of Toronto as seen while climbing out of Buttonville Airport
 Parked at Pentastar airport beside a mighty Gulstream

 Our rental car that was waiting for us in Atlanta one trip. Makes a good picture!

 Parked at Buttonville beside a Ornge medivac PC-12
 Headed west to Dryden

 Holding Short at Dryden beside an MNR waterbomber
 Re-fueling in Winnipeg

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