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Florida Trip

 Orange Groves

 Florida Keys

 Marathon Airport, Florida Keys.

 Our friend Jack's hangar and airstrip where we waited for a cold front to pass.

 Headed North
 Crop Duster in Georgia
Barge and tugboat on the Ohio River

 Toronto City lights at 11pm

Piper PA-11 Flying, 2013

                                                Taking off at Bancroft Airport, CNW3

 On a 6 hr cross-country flight around the Georgian Bay. Navigating the old fashioned way with a sectional map and dead reckoning!

 Goderich Salt Mine
Posing with Brian Shury's immaculate Cessna 195 from Peterborough.

A good friend of mine owns a DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver that he keeps at a nearby lake. The plane in pristine shape and I have been up a bunch of times in it with him. Enjoy!

 After every flight he wipes the oil off the bottom and from the windshield. You know something is wrong with a radial engine if it isn't dripping oil!

A Cessna 172 I fly occasionally with the Bancroft Flying Club

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