About Me

      A little description about myself. My name is Charles Burkholder and I am 22 years old and I live in Bancroft Ontario, a small town wedged in the hills between Toronto and Ottawa, Canada. Ever since I can remember I always wanted to fly like the birds. Although he isn't a pilot, my dad ignited the fire inside me. I can remember years ago when he would take our family to airshows, flyins or just going to any airport and watching airplanes. When I was about 10 years old we moved to Myerstown Pennsylvania right beside a medium sized GA airport. We were able to watch aircraft takeoff and land right from our dining room window. I got a job working after school at a farm about 200' from the end of the runway and the candle turned into a bonfire. I got to know the mechanics at the mechanic shop and often accompanied the owner on ferry flights or test flights. Almost always he would hand the controls to me right after takeoff and takeover from me right before touchdown. I also made friends with almost all the pilots based there and was invited into many cockpits. I have quite a few hours of flight time alone from those pilots handing me the controls while on flights as well. Planes that varied from a two hol' Pitts, Vans RV-7, Cirrus's, Piper Seneca, Aeronca, Taylor-craft, a few home builts, and a wide variety of Cessna's, Pipers and Beechcrafts. Then I read an article in one of my magazines about a missionary pilot. Right away I knew I was going to do that as well. What better thing would there be to do then to take my passion for aviation and using it to aid needy people and to spread the soul-saving message of Salvation.
God Bless!

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