Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Winter 2016

Hello Folks. Hope this finds you all doing great. It has been over 3 months since I posted an update so it's way overdue! I have been getting a good amount of flying in even though it's winter. For the month of January I flew 30 hrs which included a flight down to Miami. Had a flawless trip and got a nice break from the Ontario winter! Below are some pictures of the trip.

Flying over the city of Ft Lauderdale in Florida. A picture doesn't do justice!

Total distance covered was 3800 nautical miles. We went from Miami up to Atlanta for a day and then came back to Miami afterwards. 

Parked at Epps Aviation at Peachtree Airport in Atlanta Georgia. Nicest FBO I have ever been to.

Beautiful sunset at 15,000' while on the way home!

Tapping into a 64 kt tailwind making a groundspeed of 252 kts! Fastest I have ever flown in a small plane!

I was vectored over Atlanta/Hartfield International while approaching Peachtree airport! Busiest airspace in North America. 

Out for a walk on the Miami Beach

Time for a 'selfie'!

It's that time of yr. Picked up a bit of icing once back up in Canada. 

That's it folks! Until next time, be safe.