Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Time Building in a Piper PA-11

Hello everybody. This post is of building hours during the summer of 2013. A very kind and helpful acquaintance loaned me his Piper PA-11 to me for the summer while he was gone on a trip. I logged quite a few hours and  learned a lot of valuable stuff as well as had a lot of fun. I saw lots of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, went camping at a friends remote airstrip, took dozens of people on their first ever plane ride, and explored a lot of bush country up here in Bancroft. Enjoy!

 Flying over the Georgian Bay, Ontario
 Lake Huron, Ontario

 Camping at a friends back country airstrip in Palmer Rapids, Ontario

Sleeping underneath the wing.

That's it folks!

My Private Pilot Training

Good afternoon folks. In September of 2012, I went to Red Stewart Airfield to start my Private Pilot training. Red Stewart Airfield is located in Waynesville Ohio and I consider it the best training ever. I was looking for a school that trains in taildraggers and found theirs after a random Google search. Their rates were unbelievable and I started emailing and calling them for more and more info. One thing led to another and plans were in place to come down for a month and earn my PPL license.
 They start you off in a J-3 Cub for the initial part of the training. After solo you step up into a Cessna 150 for the cross-country, tower, navigation training etc. The cub pictured above has a 65 hp engine and I soloed that after 12 hrs of dual instruction.
 This is me and my instructor just after my solo. His name is Joe Smith, a great instructor and a good freind.

 Out cruising over Ceasers Creek OH just after my solo. Windows open and foot in the breeze.
Cessna 150 used for later part of training

Me, Martha Lunken and Cubby Stewart with the ink literally still drying on my certificate.  Martha Lunken was my FAA flight examiner and also writes for Flying Magazine so it was an honor to have her for my test. Cubby Stewart owns the airport and flight school and is the nicest guy you could ever meet.

By the time it was all said in done I completed my license in 24 days and in 45 hours. It was the best flight training experience anyone could have had.
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