Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Misc Flying Pictures

Here are some recent pictures of my latest flying adventures. 

Landing in a hayfield owned by the president of the Bancroft Flying Club, had a good visit.
Cruising up above the clouds. Peaceful
Parked at Parry Sound airport. From there I met some friends in their car and we drove to Dryden Ont.
 Massive quarry close to Stoney Lake.  Nepheline Syenite is mined here and it is used as raw material for glass, ceramic and filler industries.

 Checking out a customers million-dollar water access cottage where we did stone work. Kashabog Lake
 Sunset over Jack's lake

After the farmer cut our field I was able to land it at our place. With a big hill at the one end, it was a one way approach with only one shot at it. Definately had to have everything precise before passing the point of no return

 Two toys set up for photo shoot.
I had a litter of puppies and offered delivery to the buyers local airport. 3 people took me up on it and paid the extra delivery fee so I was able to log over 2 hours for free. They went to Ottawa. I heard them hollering on takeoff but they quieted down and seemed quite resigned to their fate when we landed.