Monday, June 12, 2017

Multi-Engine Rating, Cessna 421 and Aircraft Purchase!

Hello Everyone.
Well, it`s been August since I have done any update on this blog. Life has been extremely busy starting from October and going steady up until this point. I have been doing some flying of course although not as much as last year since I am at a lull right now in between planes. Unfortunately the beloved Cirrus has been sold but the good news is I am going to start flying a twin engine Cessna 421! I am incredibly excited and more then happy to move up into this next step of aviation. I did my multi-engine rating in April and then the end of May I went down to Orlando for the 1 week initial 421 training course at SimCom. I enjoyed this training so much and would recommend SimCom in a heartbeat. Sooo much learned and so eager to put this training into real life experience.

Another highlight that happened recently is my purchase of our own aircraft! An elderly gentleman owned a Cessna 150 at our local Bancroft Airport and was flying less and less. Knowing the plane was available, I called him up and we made a deal. My two brothers and I partnered in the deal and they just started their private pilot training in it, so that is exciting as well. Take care and enjoy the pictures. I will have an update at the start of my Cessna 421 flying.

First day of multi-engine training. I did this training at DCT Aviation at Pontiac Airport in Michigan. I highly recommend this school. 


Practicing single engine procedures in the Seneca I. The instructor let me take a break to take this picture.

Checkride! Taking the usual photo shoot after the successful completion of the checkride. I did the rating in about 8 hours of flying. 

Here is our cute little Cessna 150!

All of us posed for a picture after signing the papers!

Out on the first flight. The weather was crappy that day but still managed to log 2.5 hours.

Waiting for clouds to lift while drinking Tim Hortons hot drinks!

Went for a scenic trip about half hour flight east of Bancroft. This is Mazinaw lake at Bon Echo Park. A friend of mine was flying beside us in a Cessna 172 and his passenger managed to get a few pictures of us with their phone. 

All tied up at Peterborough airport where my brothers are doing their training. 

The rest of the pictures below are of my C-421 training at Simcom.

Take care everyone and be safe!