Thursday, January 8, 2015

Commercial and IFR license

Hello folks. Well, I am finally home after being gone for 6 1/2 weeks of training at Red Stewart Airfield in Waynesville Ohio. The training went extremely well considering the bad weather that comes with this time of year. There were only a couple days when we couldn't fly due to too low ceilings or high winds. I did the IFR training in a C172 first and got signed off for that then we switched to commercial training which is done in a Piper Arrow. When that was done I did the IFR flight test first and then the CPL flight test in two days back to back. My examiner was the iconic Martha Lunken who writes for Flying Magazine so it was an honor to fly both with her. For a link to her articles go to .The IFR test consisted of a VOR-B approach at Clermont County Airport, an ILS approach at Butler County consisting of the published missed approach afterwards, then a GPS approach back into Lunken Airport. The commercial checkride consisted of a short-field takeoff out of Lunken. We headed to Gene Snyder airport  and on the way there we did steep turns, slow flight, chandelles and lazy eights. After a crosswind landing and a soft-field takeoff at Snyder airport we headed back to Lunken and on the way back we did power on and power off stalls and eights on pylons. Landing at Lunken we did a 180 degree, power off accuracy landing and I was real happy when I nailed the touchdown point within 10 feet. While taxiing to our parking spot she says "you really know how to fly an airplane don't you"
On my way back to Red Stewart Airfield from Lunken airport I did a lot of thinking. Here I was scooting along at 160 mph at 2000 feet with a brand new commercial, IFR certificate in my bag at only 21 years old. Flying has taken me so many places in my short life already. All the beautiful sights I have been able to see at the controls of an airplane, the georgeous sunrises and sunsets I have witnessed, the many cool people I have met, the dozens and dozens of people I have taken on rides and so much more. I then concluded I am a very very lucky guy! Enjoy the pictures!

A few pictures of IFR training. 

Martha signing my IFR after the checkride
For the required commercial night flight I went to Blue Grass Airport in Lexington Kentucky. On our way there we were treated to a georgeous sunset. 

 Me and Martha Lunken in front of the Piper Arrow immediately after my CPL checkride. 
 Here`s my temporary CPL certificate with the ink still drying on it. 
I befriended the owner of this modified Pitts and he invited me along while he practiced his airshow routine. Never in my life have I had such a wild ride. 
On new years day the folks at Red Stewart organized a flyout to an airport for breakfast. There were 8 aircraft consisting of 3 J-3 Cubs, C150,  C172, Aeronca Champ, Piper Arrow and an open cockpit Fly Baby. On the way back I flew a loose formation with the 3 cubs in the 172. Not many places where you can do that. Notice in the one picture me almost stalling to stay behind the Cubs.

One quote my instructor mentioned a few times. "Life is a checkride for heaven" Live your life by this quote and live your life so you will past the final exam with flying colors. Take care and be safe in 2015.