Florida Trip

EDIT: I have taken numerous trips to Florida now. But this one is memorable to me in that it was my first really long distance trip. I accompanied an airline captain and was able to log all the hours so I learned alot about cross-country on that trip.

Hello folks. In the beginning of April, 2014 I accompanied a fellow pilot, Peter Lubig on a flight down to Florida in his beautiful Piper PA-20 Pacer. Our destination was Sun n Fun located at Lakeland Florida and it was some of the best flying ever. We departed Barrie Ontario and flew to Buffalo International in NY to clear customs. We also were joined by another friend in his Piper Pacer. We arrived in Lakeland FL on Monday afternoon, March 31 after 10 hrs of flying with unlimited visibility and 15 kt tailwinds. We stayed there for the rest of the week. While I was there I took in many forums and participated in a couple aircraft building workshops. It was a great time with warm weather and meeting lots of cool people. When the event was over we flew further south to the Florida Keys and stayed there for a day. From there we flew north to Ft. Pierce, FL and went to a motel for the night. We had our eye on a cold front that was making it's way east across our planned route and when we woke up it was totally blocking our path. We were only a short hop from the Piper Aircraft Factory in Vero Beach so we spent a couple hours touring the factory and then flew to a friends house located at an air park near Winter Haven FL. We waited a total of 2 days for the weather to pass and when it did we made a beeline north. We flew the entire trip home in one day and arrived in Barrie at 1 am. I learned a lot from the trip and was able to enter a total of 33 cross-country hours in my logbook. It was a trip of a lifetime. Enjoy the pictures! There are more pictures in the photo album page.
 Departing Barrie Ontario. Note the snowbanks along the taxiway. When we taxied out we had to take extra care not to hit the snowbanks with the wingtips.

 Appalachian Mountains

 We stopped at Thomaston GA for the night. Pitched our tents in the grass and then used the courtesy car to go to a Mexican restaurant for supper.
Arriving at Sun n Fun, Lakeland Florida
Navy Blue Angels, some of the most precise, dazzling aerobatics I have ever seen.
My home for the entire week, the blue tent underneath my friends plane wing.

My favorite shot. Rod Lewis's B-25

Yes that is two F-18's. One is upside down.

 Aeroshell Formation Team
 Inside a 1929 Ford Trimotor. One of only 2 in flying condition.

 Me and 6 time aerobatic champion Patty Wagstaff in front of her Extra 330 right before her performance.

Florida Everglades
 Formation flying over the Florida Keys

Inside the Piper Factory in Vero Beach FL with Peter. No pictures were allowed so this is the only one I have, with permission.

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