Thursday, June 19, 2014

1,000 page views!

Hello folks. Wow, my new blog just hit over 1,000 pageviews last week! Most of the people are from Canada and then USA but there's also quite a few hits from Europe, Asia and Central America. Thanks to all who stopped by. 
The pictures below are of Chinook II that I brought to Bancroft last week. A friend of mine owns it and is training for his private pilot license this summer and will have no time to fly it so he offered it to me to build hours on. These are a kit airplane that is sold in British Columbia. Very cheap to operate and a lot of fun. I am keeping it at a neighbors airstrip who lives about 1 km away from my place so it's very convenient.
More pictures to be added in the coming weeks so stay tuned! God Bless.

Enroute from Palmerston Ont to Bancroft on June15. This is the southern shore of Lake Simcoe.