Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 2015

Hey folks. time for an update! I have been getting a steady amount of flying in this summer. At the end of July I flew down to Guatemala to visit some friends down there and to investigate an opportunity to serve as a mission pilot. I made the decision to move down there at some point next year to fly a Cessna 206. The mission is called Jungle Breezes Youth Ministries and is focused on ministering to the many youth boys coming from broken homes. The mission is based in northern Guatemala in the middle of nowhere, hence using the plane for transportation and emergencies that may arise. I will be in charge of the plane as well as being a mentor for the boys.... Here are a few pictures of my trip.

Flying the mission Cessna 206 with Paul Jones. Paul is with Missionary Air Group from Guatemala and a true gentleman. 

Huge avacodo that I just picked. 
 Main mission house

  I have done some flying in the Cirrus and also been flying the Piper PA-11 that I flew two summers ago. I have been using it for some aerial photography for a fellow in southern Ontario. It has been a challenge working with the weather doing that since it has to be perfect to get the best shots but I have gotten a few good days in. Very unique flying having to get the best shot while flying and navigating the plane but I enjoy it. Enjoy the pictures!

Formation with a friend in his Fleet Finch

Random pics of cirrus flying....

 One of the buildings the company owns in Detroit MI
My friend`s beaver 

That`s it folks! Until next time!

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