Thursday, July 14, 2016

Float Rating!

Hello again. I finally decided to get my float endorsement! I was able to do the training in a Dehavilland Beaver which was very cool! I learned alot of new things, mostly about water takeoffs and landings as well as docking, sailing etc. In the air everything is about the same as a land plane. I can say it was easier then I thought it would be, mostly because I didn`t know what to expect.  I absolutely loved flying behind the mighty P&W 985 radial engine, one of the most reliable piston engines ever manufactured.  I got a few pictures as well as a bunch of videos of some takeoffs and landings. Had a great time learning everything and was able to log 7.4 hrs of rare Beaver floatplane time. Enjoy the video links first, followed by the pictures.

Visiting friends at their cottage and having a pop with them
Then we went to another friends campsite and had supper with him. The conditions were right for practicing sailing, where we shut the engine down and lower full flaps and open the doors to let the wind push you onto the beach. Steering is accomplished by opening and closing either door as well as moving the controls as needed for the wind to turn. It was pretty cool!

An inevitable task of flying a Beaver is filling it with gas, and LOTS of gas!

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